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More about metal products:

Cast Bronze and Aluminum Plaques are made by pouring molten metal into sand moulds. Cast Bronze is a non-ferrous alloy metal comprised of copper, tin, and zinc etc. Cast Aluminum is also a non-ferrous alloy metal comprised of aluminum, copper, manganese, etc. The casting process creates or produces plaques exhibiting two levels of graphics, i.e., raised and recessed. Cast Plaques are suitable for Cemetery Memorials, Signs, Dedication, Commemoration, and Donor Recognition.

Etched Plaques are manufactured by acid etching images into sheets of various types of metal such as Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Magnesium, and Stainless Steel. The etching process in this case lends itself to high volume character inscription, detailed photograph reproduction, and Brail Lettering.

Cast and Etched Plaques may include the option polish and/or satin finish raised surfaces. The introduction of color to recessed surface areas may enhance the overall appearance of the final product.

Cast and Etched Plaque specifications provide material, background texture, letter style, background color, boarder style, and mounting method options.

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